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Choose from our wide assortment of VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drive); Micro Drives, General Purpose Drives, Machinery Drives, Industrial Drives

ABB is the global leader in VFD technology and offers the industry’s widest assortment and largest horsepower range. Precision Automation Systems has more expertise with ABB VFD’s than any other company in Idaho.

Choosing the right drive for you application is easy, and the experts at Precision Automation Systems are here to help.
ABB Drive Overview comparison matrix.

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ABB Micro Drives – ACS55, 0.25 to 3hp

The ACS55 drive is a component that can be integrated easily into existing panels, replacing contactors and motor starters. Its compact size is ideal for new installations or whenever speed control of AC induction motors is needed. For users new to drives, it is programmed using simple DIP switches and rotary dials.

The ACS55 drive meets the requirements of industrial end users, installers, machine builders and panel builders.

Key Features:
• Single phase supply
• Slim design
• Flexible installation alternatives
• High switching frequency
• Integrated EMC filter as standard
• Easy configuration
• DriveConfig kit PC tool

ABB Micro Drives – ACS150, 0.5 to 5 hp

The ACS150 drive is a component that can be incorporated into a wide variety of machines. It includes, as standard, all necessary functions and interfaces for typical applications with AC induction motors.

The ACS150 drive meets the requirements of new drive users, installers, machine builders and panel builders.

Key Features:
• User-friendly LCD control panel
• Flexible mounting alternatives
• Integrated EMC filter
• Built-in brake chopper as standard
• Embedded potentiometer
• PID control
• FlashDrop tool

ABB Micro Drives – ACS250, 0.5 to 20 hp

The ACS250 micro drive offers easy to use and compact solutions for general purpose low power applications, such as: mixers, pumps, fans, conveyors, food and beverage. All variants include a built-in Modbus RTU serial communication to provide straightforward integration with control and monitoring systems. The drive?s design and ease of setup benefit a broad range of industries.

Available in IP20 and IP66/NEMA4x enclosures.

Key Features:
• User-friendly LCD control panel
• Optional front mounted operator controls (IP66 variant)
• Flexible mounting alternatives (IP20 variant)
• PI control
• Slide-out help card (IP20 variant)
• Epoxy coated heatsink (IP66 variant)
• Integrated control panel
• Enhanced V/Hz control for variable or constant torque applications
• Flow through wiring (IP20 variant)
• Separate terminal cover (IP66 variant)
• Safe torque off function (SIL3) as standard (600V only)
• Open loop vector speed control (600V only)
• High protection class variant (IP20 variant, up to 20 hp) (IP66 variant, up to 15 hp)
• CopyStick tool

ABB General Purpose Drives – ACS310, 0.5 to 30 hp

The ACS310 drive is designed for variable torque applications, such as booster pumps and centrifugal fans. The drive contains a powerful set of features including built-in PID controllers and pump and fan control (PFC) that varies the drive?s performance in response to changes in pressure, flow or other external data.

The ACS310 drive meets the requirements of new drive users, installers, machine builders, system integrators and panel builders.

Key Features:
• Same height and depth across power range
• Commissioning assistants
• Pump and fan control (PFC)
• Pump protection functions
• PID controllers
• Energy efficiency counters
• Embedded Modbus EIA-485 fieldbus interface
• FlashDrop tool

ABB General Purpose Drives – ACS550, 1.0 to 550 hp

The ACS550 drive comes with built-in features that make it simple to install, commission, and operate. Ideal for variable and constant torque applications from pumps and fans to conveyors and mixers, as well as many other variable and constant torque applications. Several programming tools are available for easy dimensioning, commissioning, and maintenance making this one of our most versatile drives. The ACS550 drive meets the requirements of industrial end users, installers, machine builders, system integrators and panel builders.

ACS550 Packaged Drives
The ACS550 drive is also available in various enclosure options (UL type 1, 12, and 3R) with circuit breaker and fused disconnects.

Key Features:
• Easy programming with parameter upload/download/back-up function
• Scalar, Sensorless Vector, Torque Control and Closed Loop Speed Control
• Advanced interface (user and machine) with integrated realtime clock, with battery back-up
• Integrated EMC filter
• Patented swinging choke as standard
• Built-in brake chopper as standard up to 15 hp
• Energy efficiency counters
• FlashDrop tool

ABB Machinery Drives – ACS355, 0.5 to 30 hp

The ACS355 drive is user-friendly, with a wide range of built-in technology such as the safe torque off functionality and sequence programming, which reduce the need for additional control electronics. The product offers options and diverse functionality to cater to the needs set for speed and torque control of AC induction and permanent magnet motors.

The ACS355 drive meets the requirements of new drive users, installers, machine builders, system integrators and panel builders.

Key Features:
• Same height and depth across power range
• Assistant control panel with Help functions
• Scalar and vector control
• Sequence programming
• Integrated EMC filter
• Built-in brake chopper as standard
• Safe torque off function (SIL3) as standard
• Product variant for demanding environments with IP66/69K, UL Type 4X protection classes
• Product variant for solar pumps
• FlashDrop tool

ABB Industrial Drives ACS800

Our industrial drives are available both as complete AC drives and/or as modules to meet your requirements as a user, OEM or system integrator. Single Drive Module configurations contains a rectifier, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit. They can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure and are available in wall-mounted, freestanding and cabinet-built constructions. They are specifically designed for industrial applications in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas.

The ACS800 series is available as wall-mount, cabinet-built, regenerative, low harmonic, air-cooled and liquid-cooled constructions.

Key Features:
• Compact size, everything integrated
• Built in harmonic filter in all ACS800 drives
• Wide range of options available
• Versatile braking options
• User friendly customer interface
• Versatile connections and communications
• Extensive programmability
• Wide power and voltage range
• Wide range of robust enclosures available
• Robust main circuit design
• Extensive protection features
• Galvanic isolation of I/O
• All terminals designed for industrial use
• Worldwide approvals: CE, UL, cUL, CSA, C-Tick, GOST R

ABB Industrial Drives ACS880, 0.75 to 7500 hp

The all-compatible ACS880 industrial drives are designed to tackle any of your motor-driven applications, in any industries, whatever the power range. Compatible with virtually all of your processes, automation systems, users and business requirements, the innovation behind the ACS880 drives is our drives architecture that simplifies operation, optimizes energy efficiency and helps maximize process output. The ACS880 series consists of single drives, multi-drives and drive modules.

Key Features:
• Compact wall-mounted and cabinet-built drives and drives modules, with a wide power and voltage range
• Drives built on ABB?s common drives architecture
• Controls virtually any type of motor
• Enclosure classes range from IP00 to IP55
• Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
• Integrated safety features including safe torque off (STO) as standard
• Application control programs
• Drive application programming and IEC 61131-3 programming environment
• Intuitive control panel and common PC tool
• Primary control program ? Identical software for the whole ACS880 series
• Removable memory unit
• Remote monitoring possibilities
• Communication with all major automation networks