On-Site Services

Precision Automation Systems has a highly skilled, certified technical support team that can perform a wide variety of work at your facility.

Certified VFD Start-Up for Extended Warranty Coverage

When you purchase and ABB VFD from Precision Automation Systems, we can perform a Factory Certified Startup and extend your warranty from 1-year to a full 3-years.

VFD Troubleshooting and Repair

PAS is an authorized and certified ABB VFD Repair Center. Our technicians can troubleshoot your ABB VFD, and if possible perform the repairs necessary to get you up and running.

IEEE-519 Harmonics Testing

Idaho Power requires compliance with IEEE-519 harmonics distortion limits whenever a VFD is connected to their power grid. PAS technicians can confirm that your installation is in compliance with IEEE-519.

Motor Vibration Testing and Motor Laser Alignment

Excessive motor vibration or misalignment of a motor can cause premature failure of motors, bearings, seals and couplers. PAS technicians can confirm that your motor is correctly aligned and within acceptable vibration tolerances.